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Onkoloji Eczacıları Derneği Avrupa Onkoloji Eczacıları Derneği (ESOP) tam üyesidir.

''Sitotoksik İlaç Hazırlama Teknikleri ve Güvenli Oda Yönetimi'' eğitimi ESOP onaylı olarak verilmektedir.

Türkiye, ESOP Yönetim Kurulu üyesidir, Başkan Yardımcılığı, Eğitimler Koordinatörlüğü ve Yayınlar Koordinatörlüğü görevlerini yürütmektedir. 

TOPA was in Algerian Oncology Pharmacy Congress

The main pharmacy of the anti-cancer center Pierre and Marie Curie of Algiers organized under the impulse of Pr.Dalila Smati head of the pharmacy in this center and with a very dynamic organizing committee led by Dr. Réda Kessal from 25 to 27 October 2017 with he participation of many national and international experts. This appointment take place every two years and it has been the opportunity to meet all the specialties of the center involved in the fighting against cancer. It was held in the beautiful city of the Sahara Timimoune. This congress brought together 150 participants among oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, hospital pharmacists and paramedicals; 34 partner laboratories contributed to this event and 19 were present at the congress.

The CPMC wanted to contribute to the campaign “Pink October” by devoting an entire the session about breast cancer this session allowed to review all the steps from screening and diagnosis also surgery and finally chemotherapy and the pharmaceutical intervention with Dr. Réda Kessal's presentation on the unknown interactions between breast cancer chemotherapy and nutrients.

A presentation on the proposal of a risk management plan specific to the CPMC of the Biosimilars, Trastuzumab Inj., was presented by Pr.Kamel Bouzid Head of the Oncology Department in CPMC; and a national leader in oncology. Pr. Bosnak President of the Turkish Society of Oncology Pharmacy/Vice President of ESOP and therefore also contributed to the success of these days with presentation on a field little exploited in Algeria, named “Nutrition Support Pharmacy for Cancer Patients”. Dr. Yann Gonzalez Phytotherapist in Lyon-France presented the latest scientific news in herbal medicine and oncology: “Contributions and Limitations of the Combination Chemotherapy / Herbal Medicine.

Other topics specific to the establishment were discussed named “Hospital Hygiene and the Fight Against Nosocomial Infections”, these days wanted the role essential oils in Oncology pharmacy, practitioners and nurses who intervene as closely as possible in supportive care of cancer patients.

During these days, Dedication session was organized by the Head of medical oncology of our hospital Pr.Bouzid Kamel with the collaboration of the pharmaceutical company CIPLA. He signed the preface to a treatise of cancerology written by the team of his department under the leadership of Pr.Gamaz Malika.

Two workshops were organized; “Oncology Pharmacy Practice on 10 Steps” led by Pr. Bosnak and Moderated by Dr. M. N. Borsali and Dr. Y Mezaour. The second workshop led by Dr. Gonzalez and moderated by Pr Smati focused on the “Use of Essential oils in Hospitals: Practical Aspects”.

Finally, the presentation of a young pharmacist Dr. Insaf Benamara was rewarded because she has focused on the “Involvement of the Pharmacist in the Choice of the Therapeutic Strategy and the Management of Metastatic Breast Cancer RH + HER2-” 

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